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I always knew I would take it here. If you don’t know about my journey, here’s a little about me:


I started my weight loss journey in 2017. I created a vlog on YouTube, Jewel C, to document my progress and allow my friends, family, and followers to hold me accountable. It became a personal development vlog, where I empower my viewers to reach ALL of their goals, even if it isn’t weight loss. I started this journey at 215 pounds and a bad relationship with food. I would overeat and not understand why. I LOVED junk food and couldn’t be around it without eating it. Secretly, I would feel bad because I felt like I had no control over my eating.


One day I started waking up at 4AM working out every single day. I read book after book learning about personal development, health, wealth, and spiritual growth. I listened to @etthehiphoppreacher EVERY MORNING, committing every speech to memory. I loss weight, I gained weight. I fell off the wagon several times.


But one day something happened. It was like a shift in my universe. My mind started believing I could do anything. I started setting goals and hitting them every single time because I had no doubt in my mind that I could.


My level of AWARENESS for who I am and where I am increased. I got real about my health and how it would affect every outcome I got in life. I’m not perfect and I STILL LOVE JUNK FOOD! I just crave it a lot less and I have more discipline than I used to.


Don’t allow yourself to give up just because the road isn’t easy. Keep going! You’ve got nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain. Put your whole self into reaching your goals and I promise magical things will happen!



Kick start your lifestyle change with a step-by-step meal plan that helps you shift your mindset in order to change your life!

Send me a message to purchase yours today!

  • Abs

  • Shredded Back

  • 10 Minute Mile

  • 30 Minute 5K

  • Complete A Marathon In 2023



I love challenging myself to reach new heights on my fitness journey. 

Count down to 150 pound!!



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