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February 2021

It has been 31 days. What happens now?

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They say by February 2021 you’ll quit. You’ll quit your New Year’s resolutions. You’ll quit your new goals for yourself. You’ll quit on your vision board. You’ll quit. They say that you’ll only last 31 days. They say that this is all of the discipline you have. You don’t have the fight to push through another 334 days. By February 2021, the odds are not in your favor. I have no idea who “they” are. I have no idea who you are. But I do know that the human has infinite potential. We have infinite power. We are limitless.

I am not going to try to convince you to reach your goals. I am not going to try to guilt you into being better and trying harder. All of that is completely up to you. Just know that somewhere out in this world someone is counting you out. Someone is writing you off. Someone has already spoken over your life and they don’t even know you. Just know that on February 1, 2021, when you decide you’ve done enough for the year someone already knew it would happen and you’re just proving them right.

That’s very dark right?! Haha! I know that was an ugly truth, but truth telling can unlock people. The sad reality is that many of you on some lovely day this December will set sail with your hopes high for 2021. You’ll write it all down in your new notebook with your new color pen. You’ll find a Facebook group to join with people who have the same hopes. Your spirits will be up and your determination will be relentless. January, you will kick ass! Somewhere toward the middle and end of January you’ll lose that new pen or it’ll run out of ink. Your energy levels will decrease because the thrill of the new year is gone. You’ll stop reading your goal list, lose track of schedule, and dismiss all notifications of the Facebook group because you’re over it. Sound familiar?

Here’s the thing, most people will fall into that trap. Most people will fail because they haven’t quite learned how to set goals. Their default of who they were in December 2020 and all of the months before will eventually take over. Goal setting and changing your defaults will be for another day, but right now we are talking about beating the odds. The secret to beating the odds is to KEEP SHOWING UP. Keep working the schedule after you’re bored. Keep reading and posting in your accountability groups. Keep writing in that notebook after it's not all shiny and new anymore. Just keep showing up. If you are more consistent than everyone around you, you will win every time!

On February 1, 2021, you have a decision to make. You have a choice. You can be who they say you’ll be or you can keep showing up another day, another week, another month, another year. It’s your life so “they” aren’t important. The key thing here is to know that you are in control. YOU have a choice. YOU hold the power. No one is stopping you from reaching your greatness except YOU. Whichever decision you decide to go with just make sure that on February 2, 2021, you can live with it.


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