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A High Valued Woman

When I first heard the phrase, "a high valued woman", I thought hmmm...that is a future me. I'm no where near the woman I want to be in life, therefore I couldn't even be considered as a high valued woman. I also thought that it was how others viewed me. I thought other people had to value me and categorize me for me to be considered "high value". And because I don't give two flying flips about what others think of me, I figured I'd NEVER be considered a high valued woman.

After some much needed work on myself, I realized me being defined as a high valued woman does not depend upon what others feel and think about me. It's my own chatter in my head that counts. Its all of my actions for myself, toward myself, and about myself that define me to me!

What comes to mind is a phrase from scripture "for as he thinketh in his heart, so is he". I place the value on me and in me with my mind. I won't be that high valued woman that I see in my head until I start seeing, thinking, and believing first.

Not placing any value in yourself is just a worse as placing your value in what others believe about you. Negative thoughts and insecurities are the results. So that is why I am choosing today to be a high valued woman. I am choosing to believe that I have high value and deserve more than the bare minimum. My character is pure. My opinions are strong. My spirit is fiery. That all of which makes me Jewel, a high valued woman.

Thanks for letting me vent!!


Jewel C.


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