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Quarter Life Crisis

Why didn't anyone tell me

about the "Quarter Life Crisis"? It's the dreading feeling of getting older but excitement to now be able to rent a car without hassle. I didn't know it was a thing but I did feel it when I turned 25...then again at 26, and only a little when I turned 27. I am a little passed the depression of getting older but the reality that I must create a "life of my dreams" still looms over me. I must revisit my meltdowns in order for you to understand where I am going now.

When I turned 25 I was sad. I am not sure at the time if I realized I was sad, but I tend to look back at my photos and see sad eyes. I had several meltdowns within myself. I gained a lot of weight which brought on even more sadness because I knew I'd worked so hard to lose the weight. I was beginning to learn to balance a relationship with my beau and a relationship with myself which was tough for me. It was a total blah year.

Turning 26 seemed like it was going to be a turning point! I leveled up a bit and thought I had it together. I started focusing more on my goals, growing my social channels, and putting me first. This only came AFTER what felt like the Great Depression over my life. I had something really life embarrassing, sad, and horrific happen to me January 2021. I won't go in to details here but I will say I came down hard on myself. I was sad for at least 5 months. I gained even more weight which felt like a ton of bricks. And I had so many meltdowns that I can't even count them.

That's when I realized that I was going through a storm. I thought about ET the HipHop Preacher. He once said that life is made up of storms and no matter where you are in life "you're either in a storm, headed to a storm, or coming out of a storm". So I treated it as such. I told God that I will take the beatings, the bruises, the punches, but I will hit back. I am not going to stand by and allow life to beat up on me. I know I will conquer because even storms die down.

So here I am now, just turned 27 and still punching back. I decided that 27 is looking like a ME kind of year. I am hitting life in the face. I am quieting the liar that speaks in my head involuntarily. I am getting that SAD weight back off of me. And I am becoming Financially Fit! I took some time from growing my social channels to focus on my I started my Healthy Lifestyle Change in the first place. My goal was to become physically, mentally, spiritually, and financially strong. Those were my exact words. I said that I wanted to change the paradigm of my family.

It was never about analytics and followings and growing channels. It was about being the change I want to see. So that's where I am at in a nutshell. Reconnecting with my purpose. Ha! I didn't even know that was what I was doing until I started typing this!! Yes! Now I am even more excited!

For those that may be reading and you're feeling like you're going through your quarter life crisis, mid life crisis, teen crisis, or any storm period, remember that it won't last forever. Just keep waking up trying your best every single day. You'll never fail if you keep on trying!

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Ashley's Famous Cookies
Ashley's Famous Cookies
Feb 06, 2022

I can relate to this so much. This year is looking like a ME type of year as well. I said the same thing as well about my socials. So crazy to see this energy flowing through others. We got this! So proud of you. Sending love and abundance your way! 💕 -Ash

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