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Welcome to Can I Vent!

I think I have 1 Million thoughts a day. Or for sure more! Here you get a deeper dive into my thinking as I navigate this thing called “Life”!

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Welcome to my inner thoughts! I know I have my vlog where I speak freely and that will continue, however sometimes I feel that I am a better writer when it comes to my feelings. Adulting has been by far the MOST ghetto thing I have dealt with in my entire life. On this journey my emotions go up then down then up again. Here I will share that experience with you as I navigate this borrowed time I have been given. Because that’s what Life is right? Borrowed time. That’s something a friend of mine shared in her speech about getting her Master’s. I thought about it for hours because it in fact is the truth. We can’t control time. We can’t take it and store it away. We definitely can’t slow it down. So, by definition, we don’t OWN time. We simply borrow it and spend it the best way we know how.

I ask that you work with me here. I am learning this adulting thing just like you. I DO NOT have the answers. I am green. I am okay with that! This is my life and all of its beautiful imperfections. I am on a journey of self-discovery and I am taking the whole world with me!


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My life and all of its beautiful imperfections 💖

On a journey to self discovery and taking the whole world with me.

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